Do you need to fill in a Australian BAS or New Zealand GST using Sage 50? Or French TVA, Italian IVA, Indian VAT or Canadian GST using Sage 50 and it’s giving you a headache? This unique program will allow Sage 50 & 50cloud Accounts to be adapted to work in any of the 70+ regions of the world that operate a Value Added Taxation system.

Core Features of Adept Sage 50 Tax Add-On

  • Tax Form editor allows Tax Forms to be configured for any VAT regime.
  • Can handle multiple Tax Forms.
  • Multi Region, Distance Selling & Special Scheme VAT returns.
  • Library of pre-designed Tax Forms and Reports that can be downloaded and installed automatically.
  • Drill down to the individual transactions that have been used for a return.
  • Automatic drillable archives are created when a form is submitted.
  • Forms and Reports are generated in HTML format for maximum flexibility.
  • Built in email facility allows any form or report to be emailed at the press of a button.
  • Tax Reference Format editor allows the formats for any country to be edited.
  • Fully integrated with the Sage 50 Audit Trail VAT Reconciliation flag.
  • The Tax Form Editor can be disabled if the program is to be used by unskilled staff.
  • You do not have to log other users out of Sage while using this Add-On Tool.
  • The program can be run from a button on the Sage Transactions or VAT module.

Add-On Pricing and Compatibility

  • Only £150.00 + VAT for a company wide licence plus 20% Annual Renewal Fees.
  • Adept Add-Ons are Multi User at no extra cost.
  • Compatible with the UK Edition of Sage 50 & 50cloud versions 8 to 27.
  • Unless otherwise stated, also works with any minor version numbers such as v26.3 or v27.1
  • Adept Add-Ons are backwards compatible when it comes to Sage versions, most go back to v8
  • Web Update facility to keep your program up to date, accessed via Menu>About.
  • Thirty day Free Trial available.
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Adept Tax in action

Adept Tax in Action
Adept Tax Library
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