Would like to be able to Change Sage Tax Codes in Transactions more than 1 at a time? This program will Change Sage Tax Codes on a batch of Transactions. It can also be used to reset the VAT Reconciled flag on Transactions in the Sage 50 & 50cloud audit trail.

Core Features of Adept Sage 50 Transaction Tax Code Changer Add-On

  • Select a range of Transaction Types or All Transaction Types.
  • Select a range of Transaction Numbers or All Transaction Numbers.
  • Optional selection criteria includes Account Code and Header Ref.
  • Additional selection criteria includes Nominal Code, Dept Number and Tax Code.
  • Enter the Tax Code to be applied to all selected transactions.
  • Optionally reset the VAT Reconciled Flag on all selected transactions from the Sage audit trail.
  • This Add-On is only suitable for use by advanced Sage users.
  • A Test Mode will show you what will be changed without actually changing them.
  • Trial version is limited to Test Mode only. These restrictions are removed once a Full licence has been purchased.
  • You do not have to log other users out of Sage while using this Add-On Tool.
  • The program can be run from a button on the Sage Transactions or VAT module (dependant on Sage version).

Add-On Pricing and Compatibility

  • Only £180.00 + VAT for a company wide licence plus 20% Annual Renewal Fees.
  • Adept Add-Ons are Multi User at no extra cost.
  • Compatible with the UK Edition of Sage 50 & 50cloud versions 8 to 30.
  • Unless otherwise stated, also works with any minor version numbers such as v28.1 or v29.2
  • Adept Add-Ons are backwards compatible when it comes to Sage versions, most go back to v8
  • Web Update facility to keep your program up to date, accessed via Menu>About.
  • Thirty day Free Trial available.

Transaction Tax Code Changer in Action

How much does it cost?

Initial Upfront cost Covering your first 12 Months software use

Adept Tools

Add-Ons & Apps for

Sage 50 Accounts

20% Annual Renewal Fee for Continuous use in Year 2 onwards

Customer Testimonials for our range of Code Changer Tools

The update box wasn’t ticked. Thanks so much, it’s a great Tool!

5 star rating

Gemma 17/08/18
Thank you so much for this (the Tax Code changer). As with all your products it was very intuitive and worked like a dream. I will definitely be recommending you to all Sage 50 customers – so impressed!

5 star rating

Carol 24/12/19
Thanks Danny! We thought it would probably do what we wanted. We have bought an add on from you before. I will be in touch. Regards.

5 star rating

Carol 30/10/18
I just wanted to let you know the Adept Code Changer software performed flawlessly and we now have a logical account ref system instead of the unusual “postcode” method I inherited. This will save us a lot of time going forward.

5 star rating

Simon 23/03/17
Martin, Following our conversation earlier I’ve used the Sage 50 Code Changer and all looks good. Excellent product – thank you.

5 star rating

Jonathan 20/09/16
Boom that worked ! Great work and after sales help!!! Best.

5 star rating

Miles 15/11/15
Thanks for the Stock Transaction editor upgrade. We have the Sage Line 50 Code Changer software too, Both bits of software have been absolutely invaluable over the years!

5 star rating

Rob 09/05/17
Anyway thanks very much for yours (Martin) and Danny’s help with the code changer. I couldn’t have done it so easily without it. Fab piece of software. Managed to change all 780 of customer codes to the new ones very easily. Will attempt the suppliers next and the nominals after that.

5 star rating

Kapila 12/10/15

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