Sage 50cloud Accounts v27 2021

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Sage 50cloud Accounts

What’s New in Sage 50cloud Accounts v27 2021

Sage 50cloud Accounts is the perfect choice if you want to keep Sage 50 Accounts, but want to benefit from some of the great capabilities this cloud connected software provides.

The Desktop that you trust, with added Cloud Connectivity!

New – Custom Alerts

This new feature allows you to add short notes to Customers, Suppliers and Products that pop up when you are creating Quotes, Orders and Invoices. The maximum note size is 255 characters and you can select whether they should pop up or be embedded in the entry window. You can also select which data entry windows they should appear in.

New – Sage Drive Enhancements

Sage Drive has been renamed Remote Data Access and the setup procedure has been simplified. When you create a User in Sage 50 you can now specify whether they should have remote access as well as assigning them access rights as before. Two new categories of user have been created, Administrator and Accountant/Bookkeeper. Administrators have access to everything including the ability to add new users. Accountants can have their access rights specified as with a Standard user.

New – Improved Company Creation Wizard

The New Company wizard has been given a new and improved look and feel. This is based on feedback from customers, so Sage have now streamlined this process in the latest version. The menu will now display just 4 simple, clear options for adding a new company or linking to an existing company.

New – Single Sage Signon

Sage ID is now your single login to all the connected services within Sage 50. Connected services such as Remote Data Access, Bank Feeds, or Invoice Payments, will now all be accessed using your Sage ID.

New – Maintenance Enhancements

If you have the non cloud variant of Sage 50 v27 you will not receive any new features. However, you will get performance improvements, bug fixes and other general maintenance enhancements.

More Information

For more information visit Sage’s article Sage 50cloud Accounts Roadmap

Sage 50cloud Accounts & Adept Add-On Tools, a Perfect Combination!

Sage 50cloud Accounts and Adept Tools, a Perfect Combination

What’s New in Sage 50cloud Accounts v26 2020

Sage 50cloud Accounts is the perfect choice if you want to keep Sage 50 Accounts, but want to benefit from some of the great capabilities the cloud provides.

New – Bank Feeds Enhancements

Additional security layers for Bank Feeds and the Open Banking (PSD2) scheme, which is the EU’s second Payment Service Directive.

New – Sage Drive Improvements

After listening to customer feedback around Sage Drive, Sage have worked hard on the performance enhancements to this service. Users can now Self Serve the process of taking Companies down from Sage Drive. The Sage Drive database has been made smaller for syncing, which means the service should be more stable.

New – Data Corruption Improvements

Self  Serve Data Corruption and run fix routines in the software and the LKG (Last Known Good Backup). Depending on the severity of the corruption, Sage 50cloud Accounts will give different paths to follow to get back up and running. If this doesn’t work don’t panic! We offer a Sage 50 & 50cloud Data Repair Service, Click here for more info.

New – Data Conversion Improvements

Data Conversion routines have been enhanced to improve the speed of conversions when upgrading from v25, as well as further enhancements to provide clear progress updates and to guard against the process failing.

New – CIS Reverse Charge for VAT

This is a HMRC Legislative Change, the VAT reverse charge for construction services which now comes into effect from 1 October 2020, it’s been delayed a year from it’s original October 2019 effective date.

New – Making Tax Digital

When submitting a VAT Return following MTD being enabled you are required to enter your HMRC logon credentials each time. This enhancement will enable you to store these credentials to save re-entering for a period of time.

New – Miscellaneous Improvements

In the Report Criteria windows the Default “and” date has been moved forward to 31/12/2050. To guard against printing, allocating, despatching or emailing the entire list of Invoices or Orders accidentally, these Icons on the Sage Toolbar will only become active if you highlight/select a record.

More Information

For more information visit Sage’s article Sage 50cloud Accounts Roadmap

Stay in Control with Desktop Power

Sage 50cloud Accounts

Desktop Power meets Cloud Freedom

Stay Connected with Cloud Freedom

Sage 50cloud Accounts

What does the “cloud” in Sage 50cloud stand for?

With Sage 50cloud Accounts you get seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive. Access your accounts data via Outlook and Excel wherever you are, post transactions from your iPhone and store backups automatically in the cloud.

  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook 365
    Sage 50cloud includes Sage Contact which enables you to view key customer and vendor details in Outlook. View the information you need to make decisions and answer queries without the need to leave Outlook e.g. outstanding balance, recent transactions, credit limit etc, all within the familiar environment of Outlook.
  • Sage Intelligence
    Sage Intelligence gives you the ability to take your financial management reports into Excel via Office 365 using Excel Online or Desktop Excel. Sage Intelligence provides out-of-the box Online and Excel-based financial management reports enabling you to start working with your key financial data in your preferred analytical tool immediately.
  • Sage Dashboard
    With the Sage Dashboard you can quickly see how your business is performing. Accessed through your Microsoft Office 365 login, it shows receivables, payables, revenue and expenses on an easy to use dashboard that you can open at any time, on any device.
  • Sage Capture
    Sage Capture allows you to record transaction details such as expenses on your smart phone or tablet. You can then securely post these details into Sage50cloud along with a photo of your receipt.
  • Attach documents to transactions
    You can now scan, save and link documents to individual transactions in Sage 50cloud. These documents are securely held in the Cloud.
  • Automatic backups can be stored in the cloud
    Automatically check and back up your data to the cloud, without the need to stop working.
  • Email notifications on automatic backups
    Get email notifications on the status of your automatic backups.

What’s New in Sage 50cloud Accounts v25 2019

Sage 50cloud Accounts is the perfect choice if you want to keep Sage 50 Accounts, but want to benefit from some of the great capabilities the cloud provides.

  • New – Bank Feeds Enhancements
    Yodlee integration has been added to Sage Bank feeds to provide increased coverage of banks.
  • New – Approvals for Sage Capture
    A new approvals process has been added to Sage Capture giving you greater control over user postings.
  • New – Reverse Bank Reconciliation
    You can now reverse a Bank Reconciliation.
  • New – Concurrent Check Data and Backup
    You can now run a manual Check Data and Backup whilst other users are logged in to Sage.
  • New – Making Tax Digital
    Sage 50cloud v25 has the ability to submit your VAT returns using HMRC’s new Making Tax Digital (MTD) process.
  • More Information
    For more information visit Sage’s article Sage 50cloud Accounts Roadmap.

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