How to Buy Adept Tool Licences

The 2 videos below show you how to purchase a Full Licence or Annual Renewal Fee from the Adept Tool

Here’s a few extra notes to help you Buy Adept Tool Licences
  • When your ready to buy, run the Adept Add-On and select Menu>Licence
  • This window shows what data is held on file for the Licence and adds a Help screen.
  • Select Edit and complete any contact information that is missing or requires updating. If any critical data is missing the Buy button will not be activated.
  • If your Sage Serial Number has changed please email us with: Your Adept Serial No, Old & New Sage Serial No and we will update the Licence for you.
  • We use PayPal to take payments. You don’t need to have a PayPal Account as it will also accept Debit & Credit Cards.
  • Very occasionally our Payment page may not like your Debit/Credit Card details when not signing in with a PayPal account. If you experience this issue please call us and we can process your order manually.
  • PayPal can sometimes remove the “Pay by Debit/Credit Card” option from the screen. This happens if you have turned down setting up a PayPal account several times as it keeps a record in your Internet Cache/Cookies, these would need to cleared to continue.
  • When your Annual Licence Renewal is becoming due you will see a Blue Light Bulb on your Tool when you reach Month 11 of your Licence. You can renew the Licence at any point during Month 11 and it will not start until the full 12 months has expired.
PayPal Card Payments
Support for Adept Tools on all Windows Versions
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How to Purchase a Full Licence

for an Adept Sage 50 Add-On Tool

How to Purchase an Annual Licence Renewal

for your Adept Sage 50 Add-On Tool

Need Download the Latest Version so you can Install Adept Add-Ons?

If the download link in your licence email no longer works please click hereto get the latest link. You will need the Serial Number from your licence details.

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