Sage 50 Antivirus Tests on how various AV products perform when accessing Sage 50 data

These tests were conducted using identical Windows XP virtual machines and a speed testing utility that uses the Sage 50 SDO to read data over a Gigabit LAN from a Sage 50 2010 dataset on a Windows 2003 server. The server had no Anti Virus running on it. The results are in Records Per Second.

Default anti virus settings were used except that where possible an exclusion was set on the Sage data folder.

Please note that these tests are not relevant for Sage 50 & 50cloud v21 and above, which talks to its data in an entirely different way to previous versions of Sage 50.

Adept Sage 50 Antivirus Tests

Network Tests – Data on Mapped Drive

No Antivirus Installed 4715
Vipre 4362
Avira 4206
F-Prot 4085
NOD32 4036 (see note 1)
BullGuard 3925 (see note 2)
F-Secure 3892
AVG 3812
Panda AntiVirus Pro 2011 3699
Sophos 3656
Avast v5 3220
MS Security Essentials 3057
McAfee 3033
Kaspersky 2787
Trend 2411
BitDefender 2187 (see note 3)
Symantec Endpoint 2054
Norton AV 2012 710
CA 49 (see note 4)

Standalone Tests – Data on Local C: Drive

No Antivirus Installed 10602
F-Prot 8271
AVG 7253
Sophos 6914
MS Security Essentials 5934
NOD32 5500
Symantec Endpoint 4456
McAfee 3400
Trend 2625
Avira 1947
Panda AntiVirus Pro 2011 1786
CA 1653
F-Secure 1632
Norton AV 2012 1544
Avast v5 1224
Vipre 1207
Kaspersky 940
BitDefender 859
BullGuard 643

Adept Sage 50 Antivirus Tests


  1. NOD32 was only 162 until I disabled the option to scan network drives.
  2. Bullguard was only 46 until I disabled scanning of network drives. However, even after disabling the scanning of local hard drives (very unwise) the Local data test could only achieve 907.
  3. BitDefender was only 48 until I disabled scanning of network drives.
  4. The trial version of CA did not allow me to exclude the Sage data folder so this was probably not a fair test.

So our overall winner in the Sage 50 Antivirus Tests with good results on both Network and Local data was F-Prot.

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