Thank You for our Support Adept Privacy Policy

Who are we

Adept Computer Support Ltd is a Sage 50 Business Partner and Certified Sage 50 Software Developer based at Salisbury in the UK.
We are developers of the Adept Sage 50 Tools range of Add-Ons for the popular Sage 50 & 50cloud Accounts software package.
We also provide a Sage 50 Data Repair service for when your Sage 50 or 50cloud Accounts data needs fixing.
Our highly experienced staff also carry out consultancy work on Sage 50, Payroll and Accountancy.

What information do we collect from you under this Adept Privacy Policy

In order to give you the best possible service and to comply with Government legislation we collect and retain certain information about your business, your computer, your software and your data.

Thank You for our Support Adept Privacy Policy

The data we hold about your business includes:

Your Business and Sage Data Owner’s details such as: Business Name, Business Address, Contact Name, Contact Job Title, Telephone Number. Fax Number, Skype Name, Email Address, Website URL, VAT Registration Number, Country Code, VAT Status Code, Company Registration Number, Proof of VAT Status details received from the European VIES database, Your Computer’s IP Address and Operating System Version. Adept and Sage Software Details such as: Licensee Name, Serial Number, Activation Key, Software Version, Data Versions, User Licence Count, Company Licence Count, Reseller Code and Licence Purchase History.

The data that we hold about our contacts at your business includes:

Forename, Surname, Job Title, Work Telephone Numbers and Work Email Addresses.
In the above lists, where the singular is used please assume the plural as well.
We also hold unstructured data in the emails, letters, data sets and other documents that we exchange with you.

Why do we collect this information

We use the information that we hold about you for the following purposes:

  • To administer the software licences that we issue to you.
  • To provide Trial and Full Licences for our software.
  • To provide automated software licence purchasing options from within our software.
  • To provide version specific help when you contact us for support.
  • To provide VAT invoices for any purchases that you make.
  • To comply with VAT legislation regarding the “place of supply” of electronically supplied services.
  • To investigate suspected software piracy issues.
  • For our own in-house accounting purposes.
  • To carry out any Services that you have asked us to perform.

Where is your data held

Your data is held on password and firewall protected servers at our premises in Salisbury.
Backups of our servers and your data are held both locally and in password protected areas of the cloud.
Currently we use Dropbox for our Cloud storage.

What software do we use to hold your data

Accounting Data is held in our Sage 50cloud Accounting software with a separate record for each of our Customers.
Licensing Data is held in our Adept Licensing software with a separate record for each Software Licence.
Client Sage data sets are held on our servers and accessed via our Adept Jukebox software.
Sundry client data files (e.g. Spreadsheets) are held by client code in Dropbox.
Paper documents are scanned and shredded as soon as possible. The scanned images are then held by client code in Dropbox.

Who do we share your data with

We operate a very strict confidentiality policy and will never share your data with a 3rd party without your knowledge and consent.

Examples of when we may share data are as follows:

  • When you purchase licences or services from an Adept Reseller we may reveal some of this information to them. This is to enable the Reseller to process the sale and provide you with technical support or customer services.
  • When we are compelled by law to reveal information. For example to Government, Tax and Law Enforcement Officials.
  • When you have asked us to perform a service which necessitates submitting data to a 3rd party. For example you might have sent us your Sage data set and asked us to process and submit your VAT return to HMRC.
  • When you have specifically asked us to Liaise with a 3rd party. For example you might have asked us to discuss your accounts with your accountant.
  • When you have sent us data and we need to sub contract to a 3rd party specialist in order to perform the service that you have requested. For example you might have submitted your Sage data to us for repair while our highly experienced data repair technician is away on holiday. In this situation we will inform you that your data will need to be submitted to our standby repairer and ask whether you want to go ahead with the repair or wait until our repairer is back in the office.

How long do we keep hold of your data

Data in our Sage accounting system is retained for at least seven years in order to comply with HMRC regulations.
Data in our Software Licensing system is retained forever. This is to enable you to re-activate a lapsed software licence at any time in the future.
If you send us a Sage 50 data set we will normally delete it one year after the completion of the service you have requested.
If you send us any other kind of data we will normally delete it once we deem that there is no possibility that we will need to refer to it again.

Thank You for our Support Adept Privacy Policy

How can I access the information that you hold about me

You can view and edit some of the information that we hold in our licensing system by selecting the “Licence” option within our software. You can only do this once a valid licence key has been entered.
In order to obtain a “portable” copy of all your data please email or phone 0843 523 1010
You should also contact us if you wish to amend or delete any of the data that we hold on you.

What are my Individual Rights under the GDPR

The GDPR provides the following rights for individuals:

  • The right to be informed.
    We have tried to make this privacy notice as clear as possible. However, please do contact us if you want us to explain or elaborate on any of the information in it. We would also welcome any comments on how we could improve it.
  • The right of access.
    You can view and edit some of the information that we hold in our licensing system by selecting the “Licence” option within our software. You can only do this once a valid licence key has been entered. You can also contact us and request a copy of all the data we hold on you.
  • The right to rectification.
    If you find any mistakes in the data we hold please contact us and we will correct it.
  • The right to erasure.
    If you want any of your data deleted please contact us and we will do it providing that it does not affect our legal accounting obligations or our right to track active software licence agreements.
  • The right to restrict processing.
    Please contact us if you would like us to restrict the way that we process your data.
  • The right to data portability.
    If you contact us to request a copy of your data, you have the right to request it in machine readable format. Normally we will supply a text file or a CSV file, however, please tell us what your ideal format is and we will attempt to oblige.
  • The right to object.
    Please contact us if you have any objections to the way that we use your data.
  • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.
    The only automatic decision that our online systems make is what VAT rate to charge you for automated licence sales. Please contact us immediately if you think that you have been charged VAT at the wrong rate.

Thank You for our Support Adept Privacy Policy

What emails will you send me

When you obtain a Trial or Full licence from us we will only send you emails that relate specifically to the piece of software that the licence is for. For example these emails may include the following.

  • Your Licence details and activation key.
  • Information on the various ways to buy a full licence for the software.
  • Notification that your licence is about to expire.
  • Notification that a payment has been received.
  • A VAT invoice for any purchases.
  • Notification that an update is available for the software.
  • Notification that an issue has been discovered that may affect the operation of your software.
  • Responses to any emails that you send us.

If you request or purchase a service from us we will only send you emails that relate specifically to the requested service.

Will you send me Marketing Emails

We will only send you our quarterly Adept Newsletter if you have told us that you want it.

In line with the new GDPR regulations we will no longer default you to opted in.
Instead we will be phasing in a Newsletter opt in check box on our website and on the Licence dialog of our applications.
Our newsletters will have an opt out link in them.

Thank You for our Support Adept Privacy Policy

What if I buy Adept Software licences or Adept Services from an Adept Reseller

Adept has a channel of over 400 resellers world wide. These resellers sell our Adept Software products and Adept Services such as our Adept Sage 50 Data Repair Service

Many of our Adept Resellers have links on their web sites to a page on our web server where you can obtain Trial Licences for our Adept Software.
The information that you enter on the Trial Licence page will be sent to the Reseller as well as being entered in our Adept licensing software.
Obviously you should contact the Reseller to find out what they do with their copy of your data and to see a copy of their Privacy Notice.
The Adept software serial numbers generated by the Trial Licence page include a Reseller Code in characters 3,4 and 5.

When you buy a Full Licence for an Adept Software product from an Adept Reseller they will share a limited amount of the data they hold about you with us.
We use the data that the reseller shares with us to generate a Full Licence key which is sent to the reseller for onward transmission to you.

If your reseller arranges for your Sage 50 data to be repaired using our Data Repair service you will normally not deal directly with us.
The reseller will normally submit your Sage Data to us and we will normally return the repaired data to the reseller.
Adepts privacy policy as described in this notice will still apply even though you are not dealing directly with us.
A similar procedure is adopted for any other Adept Service that your reseller may sell you.

Once you have bought an Adept Licence or Service from a reseller you will be attached to them in our Licensing system.
If you buy another Licence or Service from a different reseller you will be attached to both resellers.

In exceptional circumstances you can ask us to detach you from your current reseller(s). An example would be if your reseller has ceased trading.

What If I use your consultancy services to assist me with processing my data

If we visit your premises to assist you with processing your data on your computer systems behind your firewalls then the responsibility to protect your data is yours. You should furnish us with a copy of your privacy notice as we will abide by your data protection policies. This also applies if you give us access to remote control your computer equipment. Our confidentiality policy still applies and we we will not reveal anything we learn about your data or systems to a 3rd party unless you instruct us to do so.

If you send us your data or we take it away to process on our computer systems then we will be responsible for the protection of your data while it is in our possession. Our policies as defined in this privacy notice and the principles of the GDPR will apply.

Do you hold on to my Credit Card number

No, we do not hold credit card details in our systems. When you press the Buy button in our Adept Software you are transferred to web pages operated by either PayPal or Stripe. If for any reason you cannot pay on the Paypal website, we will send you a link to make the payment on the Stripe website. Please do not send us card details by email.

Thank You for our Support Adept Privacy Policy

Who can I complain to

You can complain by contacting us using the Contact Us details below.

Changes to the Adept Privacy Policy Notice

We will occasionally update this privacy notice. When we do, we will also revise the version details at the bottom of this document.

Contact Us

We welcome your comments regarding this privacy notice, please contact us as follows:

  • By Email:
  • By Phone: 0843 523 1010 or 0343 523 1010
  • International: +44 343 523 1010
  • By Skype: lanelay
  • By Post: 8 Becket Way, Salisbury, SP1 1PZ, UK.

Adept Computer Support Limited is Registered in England and Wales under Company No: 2969416


Adept Privacy Policy Notice v2.3 – Last updated on the 18th May 2023

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