Do you need to create Customer & Supplier Part Numbers different to your own Product Codes & Desciptions? This program will manage Customer & Supplier Part Numbers and own descriptions. It includes the ability to import part numbers and descriptions from a CSV file. The program has an update routine that will update sales orders, purchase orders and invoices with the appropriate own part numbers and descriptions.

Core Features of Adept Sage 50 Own Part Numbers Add-On

  • Own part numbers can be held for customers, suppliers or both.
  • Own part numbers may be entered manually or imported from a CSV file.
  • Optionally hold own descriptions as well as or instead of own part numbers.
  • High speed searching on words within product descriptions and customer/supplier names.
  • An update option will load own part numbers and descriptions into orders and invoices.
  • A quick update option will only process new orders or invoices.
  • An export option will export own part numbers and descriptions to a CSV file.
  • Optionally move the CSV file to an Archive folder after it has been successfully imported.
  • Optionally monitor a specified folder for new CSV files and import them automatically.
  • You do not have to log other users out of Sage while using this Add-On Tool.
  • The program can be run from an icon in the Sage Product module tool bar (dependant on Sage version).

Add-On Pricing and Compatibility

  • Only £300.00 + VAT for a company wide licence plus 20% Annual Renewal Fees.
  • Adept Add-Ons are Multi User at no extra cost.
  • Compatible with the UK Edition of Sage 50 & 50cloud versions 8 to 28.
  • Unless otherwise stated, also works with any minor version numbers such as v27.2 or v28.1
  • Adept Add-Ons are backwards compatible when it comes to Sage versions, most go back to v8
  • Web Update facility to keep your program up to date, accessed via Menu>About.
  • Thirty day Free Trial available.
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Own Part Numbers in action

Own Part Numbers in Action
Own Part Numbers Options

How much does it cost?

Initial Upfront cost Covering your first 12 Months software use

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20% Annual Renewal Fee for Continuous use in Year 2 onwards

Adept are Sage Platinum Partners for Sage 50 and certified Sage Developers