Do you need help with a Sage 50 BOM Assembly? This program will examine Sales Order, Purchase Order and Invoice records and insert a BOM explosion below each Assembly.

Core Features of Adept Sage 50 Document Explosion Add-On

  • Order all the components for an assembly by just entering the assembly code.
  • Invoice your customer for a Sage 50 BOM Assembly and list all the components underneath.
  • The program will recurse through multiple levels of subassembly.
  • Subassemblies and their components can be indented according to their level.
  • Alternatively the program will produce a list of components with duplicates from different subassemblies added together into one line.
  • Explosion lines can optionally show the Quantity, Product Code, Suppliers Part Number and Description.
  • Quantities are multiplied up accordingly.
  • The program can redo the explosion if amendments are made.
  • There is an option to select whether the Assemblies or the Components are posted to the Sage 50 Ledgers.
  • A list shows the documents and products that have been exploded in the current session.
  • You do not have to log other users out of Sage while using this Add-On Tool.
  • The program can be run from an icon in the Sage 50 SOP, POP and Invoice modules.

Add-On Compatibility and Pricing

  • Only £150.00 + VAT for a company wide licence plus 20% Annual Renewal Fees.
  • Adept Add-Ons are Multi User at no extra cost.
  • Compatible with the UK Edition of Sage 50 & 50cloud versions 8 to 27.
  • Unless otherwise stated, also works with any minor version numbers such as v26.3 or v27.1
  • Adept Add-Ons are backwards compatible when it comes to Sage versions, most go back to v8
  • Web Update facility to keep your program up to date, accessed via Menu>About.
  • Thirty day Free Trial available.
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Document Explosion in action

Document Explosion in Action
Document Explosion Options
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